An Advanced Dental Implant System with the following benefits:

  • Same Day Loading on Single Units, Implant Bridges or Cross-Arch Restorations
  • Stronger Initial Stability from the Tapered Bevel Wedge Mechanism
  • Self-Harvesting Autogenous Bone during Placement
  • Self-Adjusting in Occlusion after Placement
  • Better Force Distribution and Transmission from Occlusal Impact to the Fulcrum
  • Better Foundation for Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation
  • Better Perpendicular Placement and Visible Leverage for Angulation
  • Best of both Worlds with a Titanium Core and Subgingivally Placed Ceramic Restoration(s)
  • Strongest Mechanical Properties of Implants as a One Solid Titanium Unit
  • No Fatigue Failure or Rotational Failure Possible
  • No Separate Parts for a Two-Stage Approach such Abutments or Screws
  • No Cements, No Threads, No Flaps, No Buccal Bone Necessary
  • Noninvasive Sinus Lift Through Crestal Approach and Greenstick Fracture
  • Substantially Reduced Risk of Invasion of Anatomic Landmarks and Osteonecrosis
  • Global Appeal with Lower Manufacturing Costs
  • Universal Compatibility and Application
  • Easy Learning Curve for Dentists and Specialists
  • Short Patient Friendly Procedure

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